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Mary's first experience on a film set was the classic "The Stuntman" with Peter O'Toole.  From there she went on to work in almost every aspect of production, shooting locally in Northern California on Commercials, Industrial, and Film.  She has worked with such icons in the business as Clint Eastwood, Paul Haggis, William Self, Barry Levinson, and many others, and worked at virtually every studio in Los Angeles. Her agency experience started in San Francisco at the Stars Agency.  From there, she worked at the Beverly Hecht Agency in Studio City and eventually opened up Dangerfield Talent which operated for several years in Los Angeles and represented actors to Commercials, Episodics, and Features. Mary relocated to Portland from Los Angeles in 2009.  Within a matter of months she re-opened Dangerfield Talent agency and managed to attract the best and brightest talent in Portland. Dangerfield actors have appeared in numerous Guest and Costar roles on television in Grimm, Leverage and Portlandia, as well as local and regional industrials, feature and short films, regional and national commercials and as voice talent.
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